The iGlucose Meter

We are giving away 100,000 free glucose meters to increase testing compliance and promote happy & healthy living.

Automatically send glucose readings via text message, email or fax to family members, caregivers or physicians.


Compact size of iGlucose Meter makes it ideal for use when away from home.

Rechargeable Battery

Once charged iGlucose Meter will stay charged for up to one month (length of charge may vary depending on usage).


iGlucose Meter uses a global GSM network and works worldwide.

Automated Reporting

Logbooks, trend reports, pie charts and histograms are available online through a diabetes web portal.

Communication Options

Users may select to have glucose data sent via email, text message or fax.


Users and their selected family members, caregivers and health care professionals may access data via the web 24/7.

Take control of your life without the extra effort.


Displays high and low glucose readings within a customize date and time range.


Displays percentage of pre-meal and post-meal glucose readings that fall in and out-of-target ranges


Displays daily and historical glucose readings with date and time stamp.


  • Reduce glucose levels by having greater control and understanding of your diabetes.
  • Automatically send glucose reading via a text, email or fax to family members, care-givers or physicians. They can also send an encouraging response back to your meter!
  • Every glucose reading is automatically sent to a personalized diabetes management web portal, which includes easy-to-read graphics and your trends.
  • The meter will provide automated diabetic supply reorder reminders.

Healthcare Providers

  • Insures compliance and accuracy with patient glucose readings.
  • Improves care coordination and collaboration with no cost.
  • Automatic and electronic record keeping eases case management.
  • Provides detailed usage records for regulatory and reimbursement requirements.


  • Automatically creates electronic patient data required to comply with Medicare Part B Utilization Guidelines.
  • Justifies and documents reason for frequent prescribed testing.


  • Potentially saves billions of dollars in healthcare costs stemming from improved patient care and fraud prevention.
  • Complements existing diabetes management programs.
  • Efficient data management.